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Medical Centers Management Platform HS

AUTORIZACIONES is a portal for management of medical services provided by insurers through the medical centers. It is cross-platform, adapted to all types of computing devices (tablets, smartphones, computers).

General characteristics:
We want to facilitate your work to your company and employees. Using our Portal (computer, tablet and mobile) you can:

  • Manage pre-authorization of insurers
  • Create new authorizations of treatments and services
  • Quote, modify and cancel service directly with the customer (email, sms or Whatsapp)
  • Integration with client apps
  • Custom searches

Automated billing for services rendered
AUTORIZACIONES allows the generation of an order or authorization to a particular Medical Treatment Centre. This generates a range of services to provide the injured-customer. Portal users include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Medical centers or specialists
  • Medical experts
  • Pacients

For the company allows:

  • Control over the authorization status (pending, initiated, modified, terminated)
  • Control over the documentation (medical records, diagnostic tests)
  • Control over the service quality
  • Control over payments

For the Medical Center:

  • Control over the initiation, modification and termination of treatment
  • Expansion of services subject to processing
  • Patient monitoring
  • Document management (medical or diagnostic)
  • Managing billing and payments
  • Sending of subpoenas to the patient by SMS or via the Web