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Management Platform for Monitoring Judicial Proceedings, “HS Gestión Jurídica”:


It is a tool that allows control over the procedural developments casualty records that end in a judicial process. It is aimed at Company Brokers and the Lawyers working for them.

  • Data record: Jurisdiction, number of cars, known Court that the procedure.
  • Litigants or negotiating: Identification and location. professionals involved: Identification and location of barristers, solicitors, surveyors, notaries, etc., involved professionally in the case.
  • Chronological tree: Summary of main actions carried out by the professionals involved in each case, arranged chronologically and separation of the various bodies.
  • Accrued costs and other economic data, such as amounts paid in respect of funding, etc.
  • Diary of performances that makes it easy to know the signs provided in each case.
  • Possibility of incorporating scanned documents.
  • Sending Notes.